Awesome Features.

The color of wallet is unique, as each piece of leather is tanned and treated separately by hand depended on the aesthetic of craftsmen, which offers the unique and different features for each product, which can’t be confusing.




A natural blend of seeds oils, shea butter, pure beeswax and our secret recipe. Does not contain silicone or petroleum products.
Protecter and Conditioner your leather wallet, boots, bag …


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Our mission

We always understand our mission to future and society is a top priority which conserves the environment and protects human being health. Also, we produce the products which are high quality and ultimate practical.

We believe that “CRAFINE” is not only a wallet but also a companion who can be with you with its ultimate durability over time. Plus, the beauty of wallet developed with time will create your stories of life.

Our values

We are responsible for perfecting and producing the craft products as we committed and deliver them to our customers who pre-ordered our products as supporting Crafine. Also, we will regularly update our campaign, completed-product time and shipping on time as they are set. However, the process of shipping might be slower or delayed due to unwanted reasons like disaster, flood or retention time at custom posts which vary from country to country. Therefore, we will try our best to update our campaign as soon as possible.

The price of product isn’t included other expenses and tax incurred in your country.

If you have any questions about the products, do not hesitate to send us email at:

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Are duties/taxes included in the price?

No, the reward prices are calculated without duties and taxes. You will be responsible for any applicable duties and taxes. Shipping, however, is free worldwide.

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